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As is true of any great festival, a University of Notre Dame home football game weekend is much more than its central event. The roughly 61,000 people who travel to the University’s campus for each home game can expect to attend a splendid and storied athletic contest, but they can also expect a unique experience [...]

Theology professors to lead MOOC

by Ciara McCance on May 18, 2015

in News from Echo

On June 1, 2015, Professors Gary Anderson and John Cavadini will lead a MOOC - a massive, open, online class – that is available to anyone with an internet connection. Their course, titled “Jesus in Scripture and Tradition,” will introduce students to a theological way of reading the Christian Bible.  “By exploring three interrelated questions: Who is Israel, Who is Jesus [...]

  After much prayerful discernment, the Echo staff is excited to announce the Diocesan Placements for the class of “Echo 12!” Thank you to our new “Echo 12” apprentices and theology teachers, for your trust and openness to the communities and adventures that await you in your Echo placements for the next two years. Mentors [...]

2015 Liturgy Symposium

by Ciara McCance on April 28, 2015

in News from Echo

Dear Echo graduates, The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy invites you to attend our 2015 Liturgy Symposium on Liturgy and Vocation: Marriage and the Priesthood. This event will not simply deal with the actual liturgies of marriage and ordination. Instead, it will invite participants to reflect on the common priesthood of love at the heart [...]

Echo Mourns Lee Nagel

by Ciara McCance on May 29, 2014

in News from Echo

The Echo community mourns the passing of Lee Nagel, Executive Director of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. Lee was a great friend and strong supporter of Echo. He had met many apprentices over the years and knew many diocesan leaders who became program partners. Please join with all of the Echo community in praying [...]