Barbara Aubuchon

Director of Elementary Faith Formation • St. Bernadette Catholic Church • Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

How, when, and why did you get started in ministry?
I began working part-time in Children’s Faith Formation in July of 1999. My children were in the program and I had been a Catechist for about 4 years prior to that. I enjoyed teaching and being with my kids as they were growing up, so when a position became available at my parish, it felt a calling to step up.
Why did you want to participate in the Echo Program?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to help someone develop the same joy of church and service that I have come to love. As time has moved on, I find that I learn from our apprentice, as well.

What are some ways you believe you assist in the formation of Echo apprentices?

I think I help our apprentice to appreciate the “behind the scenes” planning. Making a plan for a catechetical parish event and seeing it through with the assistance of others on staff and in our parish community can be very rewarding.

What qualities do you consider essential for effective catechetical leadership?

Ability to communicate clearly with people; flexibility to adapt to change, whether it be in your work environment or with the program you planned; leadership to empower others to participate and help with the task at hand; prayerfulness.

What do you consider the lasting impact of Echo?

That someone cared enough to develop this program where young people could experience parish life first hand, rather than just reading about it. What a blessing to know what you are getting into, and hopefully, look forward to it. The Church needs young people to get involved, and the Echo program does a great job of encouraging that with concrete, hands-on experiences for its graduates.

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