Diocesan Partners

Featured Partner Profiles:

Brian Lemoi • Diocesan Director

There are mutually fulfilling opportunities and responsibilities between Echo and a host partner diocese. Echo is interested in working with partner dioceses that will enable participants to demonstrate their own commitment to the Church’s catechetical ministry. This includes, over time, opportunities for leadership and leadership formation as well as opportunities for apprentices to engage in a variety of ministries in service to catechesis. Sometimes apprentice service in a host diocese results in full-time employment opportunities in catechetical or related ministries.

Echo has partnered with 14 dioceses and Echo graduates have served in 48 dioceses, demonstrating the breadth and impact of the Echo approach to ministry formation.

Take a look at Echo’s past and present partner dioceses, or explore an in-depth profile of our featured partner diocese to get a first-hand sense of diocesan partnership with Echo.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an Echo partner diocese, you can submit a request for more information. Our response to your inquiry will include access to our guiding document, Echo’s Expectations of Potential Partner Dioceses, which offers more about the specifics of what is required of a host partner diocese.

You can also begin a conversation about diocesan partnership with Echo by contacting Colleen Moore, Director of the Echo program, directly at 574.631.4920 or