Featured Partner Profiles:

Mary Wright • Mentor

Barbara Aubuchon • Mentor

A mentor is expected to assist an apprentice catechetical leader in his or her professional catechetical leadership formation on-site. A mentor is a parish catechetical leader who:

  • is presently certified at the host diocese’s highest level of catechetical leader certification,
  • has three or more years of service in parish catechetical leadership, and
  • has been approved to serve as a mentor by the Diocesan Director, in consultation with the pastor.

The Echo Program reserves the right to participate in the selection of potential mentors. While a mentor might possess a Master’s degree in religious education or a related field of study, the mentor also should have experience in a broad array of parish catechetical responsibilities.

Take a look at an in-depth profile of our featured mentors to get a first hand sense of what it is like to be an Echo mentor.

Learn more about the specifics of what is required of an Echo mentor by reviewing our guiding document, The Role of the Parish Mentor. Echo mentors are determined as part of the establishment of a diocesan partnership. Persons interested in becoming a mentor are encouraged to discuss this role with the pastor and other staff persons, and then with the Diocesan Director.

Please keep in mind that Echo partners directly with dioceses, which then partner with their own parishes for launching and retaining the Echo program. Parishes interested in Echo should contact their diocese.