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by Ciara on September 21, 2016

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On behalf of the Echo staff, I am happy to announce that Ciara Kanczuzewski has been promoted to Coordinator of Recruitment & Program Administration for Echo, effective immediately. In her new role, Ciara will coordinate the program’s student recruitment efforts–working closely with Echo staff, students, alumni, and ICL and University colleagues to execute Echo’s recruitment strategies–and will oversee all application, interview, and admissions processes. In addition to her new responsibilities, Ciara will continue to direct specific essential administrative details for annual Echo program events.

Since 2012, Ciara has been a superb Administrative Assistant for Echo. Easily the most ubiquitous of staff members, she has routinely and tirelessly assisted in the work of her colleagues, while attending faithfully to endless program inquiries and administrative details with the efficiency, hospitality, and good humor for which she is well known and admired. Simply put, Echo has run as smoothly as it has not only because of Ciara’s steady administrative hand but also due to the beautiful and effective ways she represents the program to prospective and current students, and campus and diocesan partners every day. We are delighted that the positive impact of Ciara’s work will extend even further in her new position as she coordinates the many players and processes needed to sustain and grow Echo’s student recruitment efforts.

Please join the Echo staff and me in congratulating Ciara on this exciting and well deserved promotion!

Colleen Moore
Director, Echo

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