Echo Teaching Theology

Beginning in 2014, Echo will offer a new pathway for recent college graduates to serve the Church as theology teachers in Catholic middle schools and high schools.  Echo Teaching Theology will promote and enrich the vocation of teaching theology in secondary schools through partnerships between Echo of the Institute for Church Life, the Department of Theology, and partner schools and dioceses.

This new initiative combines the distinctive strengths of the current Echo program with those of Notre Dame’s Department of Theology.  As members of Echo, participants will immerse themselves in a holistic formation program covering the areas of intellectual, professional-ministerial, human and communal, and spiritual formation.  Alongside Echo apprentices who are serving Catholic parishes, Echo theology teachers will work towards a master’s degree in theology in Notre Dame’s Masters of Theology (M.A.) program.  The theology degree will include extensive emphasis on theological pedagogy, including classroom management, pre-adolescent and adolescent development, procedures for assessment, and curriculum and instruction.

For years, graduates of Echo have gone on to teach theology in both high school and middle school settings.  Echo Teaching Theology formally capitalizes upon the education and professional formation that make Echo participants such successful theological educators who exhibit both theological competency and sound pedagogical methodology.  As beneficiaries of Echo’s holistic formation program, Echo theology teachers necessarily engage their study and training within a larger context of formation.  Since it is the whole person who teaches theology, Echo makes the whole person the proper subject of formation.  This comprehensive approach to formation strengthens the participants’ ability to offer their students not only sound theological instruction but also a compelling witness to a sincere, informed, and integrated life of faith.

Echo Teaching Theology offers the same benefits as the original Echo program, including the following:

  • a competitive stipend
  • a tuition-free graduate degree in theology
  • housing and utilities at no cost
  • educational allowances
  • rent-free housing during summer at Notre Dame
  • full meal plan during summers at Notre Dame

Recent (or soon to be) college graduates interested in applying to Echo Teaching Theology should consult the Echo application information.  Applicants may indeed be considered for both forms of Echo—that is, parish-based ministry and school-based theology teaching.  Applications are now available.  Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Aimee Shelide Mayer ( or 574.387.3509).