Meet the Echo Community

The Echo Community is made up of dynamic staff and faculty from Notre Dame, talented students from a variety of colleges and universities, and dedicated diocesan partners from around the country who work together to serve the catechetical mission of the Church.

Echo Staff

Meet the Echo staff and other important collaborators from across campus, who are dedicated to strengthening catechesis by supporting apprentices and theology teachers, mentors, Echo Formation Assistants (EFAs) and partner dioceses in all aspects of the program.

Current Apprentices

Echo apprentices and theology teachers are currently serving in 26 parishes and four schools across six partner dioceses. Learn more about the Echo experience in the words of those living it, by checking out our featured apprentice profiles. Or, you can get a sense of the backgrounds, interests, and placements of all of the active apprentices by taking a look at the full apprentice roster.

Partner Dioceses & Mentors

Echo would not be possible without an extraordinary group of partner dioceses throughout the country. Since its inception in 2004, Echo has partnered with ten dioceses from across the United States. Within each partner diocese, experienced parish catechetical leaders serving in parishes, assume the role of mentor to Echo apprentices, assisting in their on-site formation and development for leadership in ministry.

Echo Formation Assistants

Echo Formation Assistants (EFAs) are individuals who live within an Echo partner diocese and provide an essential layer of local support to apprentices and theology teachers through bi-annual retreats, monthly community visits, and frequent individual meetings.

Echo Alumni

Alumni of the Echo program have gone on to pursue professional ministry in parishes, Catholic high schools, and dioceses, to serve in collegiate and university campus ministries, and to continue their studies, among other things. Hear from former apprentices about how Echo prepared them for their current path, or take a quick look at the full list of Echo alumni to see where all five classes of Echo graduates have landed.