Gerardo Rojas

Director, Office for Youth Ministry • Diocese of San Diego

Echo 1 • St. Francis of Assisi • Diocese of Fort Worth

In retrospect, what role has Echo played in your journey thus far?
Echo helped me understand the many blessings and challenges that surround parish ministry. It gave me the theological knowledge to better share the Catholic faith with others. Echo also provided me with wonderful friends and memories.
What was your favorite part of your Echo experience? The most challenging part?
Living in community was my favorite part. There is nothing better than living with people that love doing the same thing you do. It was also great to be able to support each other through the program. The most challenging part was seeing and living the reality of everyday parish ministry. It is a beautiful and messy reality, with plenty of challenges but where grace always over abounded.
How was your mentoring relationship helpful during your apprenticeship?
My mentoring relationship was outstanding. Debbie Stark not only provided constructive criticism to my presentation style, but she made me aware of where my strengths in ministry lay. Apart from her leadership responsibilities, the hospitality that she and her family offered created a home away from home for me.
What was the catechetical ministry that caused you to grow the most? How did you grow?
I was deeply involved in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process and this experience shaped my appreciation and love for ministry the most. Through the RCIA I was able to share my love for the Catholic faith, while at the same time I was seeing it through fresh eyes and within different lived experiences.
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