Echo Formation Assistants

Featured EFA Profiles:

Nannette Coons • EFA

Echo Formation Assistants (EFAs) are individual men and women who live and work in or near an Echo partner diocese and are eager and well qualified to provide strong, local, hands-on support to apprentices and theology teachers and their communities during the two-year program. EFAs travel to campus each June during the program’s weeklong orientation to meet with their respective apprentice or theology teacher communities, and to gather with other EFAs for their own program orientation and retreat. In August, EFAs join diocesan leaders and mentors in welcoming apprentices and theology teachers to their assigned dioceses. Throughout the year, they offer ongoing support to apprentices and theology teachers through monthly individual and communal meetings, a fall community retreat and frequent, ongoing communication. EFAs are invited to attend all local Echo diocesan events, participate in Echo staff visits and collaborate with diocesan leaders and mentors on an annual spring retreat for apprentices and theology teachers. Echo staff members are in frequent contact with Echo support persons throughout the year and are available for ongoing support and consultation.